Ebonring 20 – Maybe we shouldn't have done that...

A new campaign using Monte Cook's varient Arcana Unearthed rules. The heroes follow a quest through the forest into the mountains and out onto the plains.

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Ebonring 20 – Maybe we shouldn't have done that...

Post by Sieobahn » Tue Dec 14, 2004 9:13 pm

Day 26, Seventhmonth, Common Year 1757 .
Dramojh Stronghold

The charged along the corridors, not wanting the mojh to get ready for another battle. They ended up in a chamber forms the bottom of a circular shaft that rises up higher than they can see. At various points along the shaft, ledges lined with doors punctuate its impressive height. Each door is a silvery-blue color. Occasionally at these ledges, thin, arched bridges lead from one side of the shaft to the other. The walls are worked gray stone. There are no visible ways of ascending the shaft or reaching those balconies. On the bottom level, across the smooth stone floor, are six of the aforementioned silver-blue doors. Each appears tightly sealed except for the one in the southeast of the room.

Entering they found the mojh's lair, well trapped, as Melderon found. But otherwise empty of anything of value.
Of course the mojh was still there, high above the floor of the chamber. When Melderon and Zanalithis levitated up they encountered him. The battle ended when the mojh cast a chains of vengeance spell around Melderon, but not before the sibeccai had animated his sword and was hacking at the mojh, drawing blood. The mojh steeped back out of sight, and was not seen again. Melderon died under the spell, his body and most of his gear reduced to a pile of ashes.

Day 27, Seventhmonth, Common Year 1757 .
Dramojh Stronghold

After another anxious nights rest, they explored further, finding another victem of the mojh chained up. It was a sibeccai mageblade called X-door. They also managed to find the axe the had been searching so long for.

Before they could try another level, the ground shook. The worst quake they had felt yet. Fearful of being flooded under the lake, they fled. This fear turned out to be well founded as water began filling up the dungeon, lapping at the heels of the heroes as they ran out.

Finally back on the surface they saw the rhodin the in the city fleeing. Climbing to higher ground, they found the water level lake and dropped dramatically, and steam of rising from the bottom. The decided the rhodin made a good case and fled.

This was a wise choice as a volcano formed behind them. Unbenownst to them, the black orb they had taken from under the alter in the island center of the lake was the focus stone of a powerful set of wards, disturbing it, and erasing certain runes on a powerful artifact in the dungeons had caused it to finally fail after centuries of life. The wards were a combination of protective magic to keep the giants out and unaware of this place, and to keep the volcano in check. Now it had erupted with a vengeance.

Day 11, Eightmonth, Common Year 1757 .
The Falls

The trek through the wilderness was tough, ash fell from the sky, and rhodin where everywhere. The adventurers built a raft and floated down the Ghostwash. Eventually landing there after two weeks of hard travel.

Unwilling to wait around, they used magic to easily descend the falls and soon hired on with a boat to take them to De-Shamod

Day 15, Eightmonth, Common Year 1757 .

The trip downriver passed swiftly and without incident. On reaching the city they contacted their benefactor who was overjoyed at the news of their success. He told of ferreting out some traitors, but did not want their presence yet know. So now they wait in a comfortable inn for the diviners to determine where the ring could be destroyed.

And in a mountain peak, a mojh sorts through treasure taken from the Dramojh stronghold, pausing to gaze angrily to the northeast and think with hatred of a certain band of adventurers...

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