Ebonring - Slayer's Story

A new campaign using Monte Cook's varient Arcana Unearthed rules. The heroes follow a quest through the forest into the mountains and out onto the plains.

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Ebonring - Slayer's Story

Post by Draconis » Fri Aug 27, 2004 10:27 pm

My life was perfect. I was happy. I was to go through the joining ceremony with my mate soon. Then it all changed. One night I dreamt of a black panther. It seemed to be beckoning me to enter deeper into the forest. I awoke to see a panther there staring at me from the edge of our camp. Remembering the dream I followed it deeper into the forest. I know not how long I followed the panther, but I became lost. Soon I heard battle cries come from behind me! That came from my camp! My betrothed! My family! As I turned to run back, the panther leapt in front of me and more came from the surrounding area, preventing me from leaving. I cried as I heard the sounds of my people dying. I could do nothing to help them. Eventually the sounds died away. A short time later the panthers left leaving just one of them behind. It seemed to want me to follow it back to my camp. I followed it all the way back. When I returned I stood there stunned. Horror overwhelmed me at the sight of all my people slain. Remembering my family and betrothed, I searched the bodies and found them. It looked as if my betrothed died next to my father and brother, defending my mother and sister. Tears streamed from my eyes as I beheld the carnage wrought here. Then my eyes came to rest on a creature that I had only heard of from my elders. Creatures known as rhodin. Anger welled up inside me. A deep hatred for these things arose. Looking around I met the eyes of the panther that lead me back. Grieving and angry I stood and ran towards the panther. It stood there as I charged towards it. As I came close my legs buckled and I hit the ground hard.
“Why did you take me away?! I could’ve stayed and helped them! And yes, I possibly would have died with them. But then it would have been MY choice! Why?” I shouted at it, tears coursing down my face. I then heard a voice inside my head.
“I am sorry child. But I did what had to be done. Only one could have been saved. You are one chosen to follow our path. You were more suited to be saved. But cry not. Vengeance can be yours. With our aid, you will be able to follow them and destroy them for what they have done here. You will travel far, but do not be afraid, for we will be here with you, to guide you to your destiny. Now keep hold of that anger. Use it to make you better. Take up your weapons and follow me. We have much hunting to do this night. It is time to use what your father has taught you.”
Choking back my tears, I thought upon her words. The more I thought on it, the better it sounded. I took up my father’s prized greater battle claw and the claw my father had given me on my naming ceremony and followed the panther towards our prey. As I left I looked back on the camp and the bodies of all the loved ones I had lost this night, I swore that I would avenge their deaths, that these rhodin would pay for what they had done. I would under-go the funeral ceremony and mourning ceremony once I had avenged my peoples deaths.
For days the panther, Swift, and I followed the rhodin. Killing them while they slept, pissed and ambushed their scouting parties. The rhodin traveled in fear for those days, as none knew when the silent slayer would strike next. I became stronger, swifter, deadlier during the days and months in which they traveled across the lands. Of the surviving 20 only 5 made it to the floating forest. I was going to kill them all that night when more rhodin joined them. There was too many of them to risk an attack for now. Over the next couple of years I traveled this place killing any rhodin foolish enough to go out alone. During this time Swift said that she could teach me no more about the hunt, but that we may meet each other again sometime soon. I hope so. She had become my only friend during my time hunting the rhodin.
One day after killing some rhodin, a giant saw me amongst the corpses of the rhodin. He introduced himself to me and said that he worked with an army that wishes to defend the area against rhodin and wanted to know if I would be interested in joining. Unsure of this giant and his motives, I agreed to follow him to this army of his. I would decide whether to join once I got there.
During our travel to the army he tried to engage me in conversation. I never spoke. I just watched for any sign that he would turn on me. Not getting any conversation from me he began to tell me of the rhodin in these parts. About how there are other races that actually help the rhodin. I was disgusted that any would ally themselves with such creatures. The rhodin had a horrible smell that was hard to get rid of. I stayed with the army for some time. I went out on patrols with them and helped with the killing of rhodin. I learnt more languages that would help me in this area in my stay with the army. About a year later I still had not officially joined the army. I had earned a reputation in the army for being brutally honest and very quick with the claws attached to my hands. I also earned the name, Slayer. For that is what I excelled at. Slaying rhodin and other cruel creatures. Most times the enemy never knew I was there until it was too late. It was about this time that a call came from Ebonring Keep for aid to drive off the rhodin that were attempting to recapture the Keep. We set off to help the forces drive off the rhodin. We arrived to see the rhodin fleeing before the advance of our army.
To Battle, Glory, and Riches!

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