Ebonring 10 - Assassins!

A new campaign using Monte Cook's varient Arcana Unearthed rules. The heroes follow a quest through the forest into the mountains and out onto the plains.

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Ebonring 10 - Assassins!

Post by Sieobahn » Sun Sep 19, 2004 2:10 pm

Day 24, Sixthmonth, Common Year 1757
Castle Mabb

After an uneventful nights sleep, the adventurers continue to explore Castle Mabb.

The decided to check the stairs going further down, unfortunately that meant facing the black pudding that lurked beneath the water down there.
Do-Loran was attacked first, the pudding dragging the giant into the water while the others frantically tried to rescue him. Telvsdawn found all his blades would do to the puddings was cut them apart and was soon being attacked by several of the creatures. It was not until he started laying about with the flat of his blades did the battle turn.

The pudding finally defeated, Telvsdawn leapt into the water to see what treasure might be concealed beneath the water. He found a shortsword in what remained of a jeweled scabbard, along with a large ruby.

They discovered that whoever carried the ruby would be protected against the heat in the room they thought contained the way to open the glass prison. Telvsdawn ventured inside, and despite sweating from the heat beating against him, was not burned. He managed to find the secret door that opened the glass prison and released the giant trapped within.

The ghost told them that the weapon they sought could be found in a dramojh stronghold found at the headwaters of the Ghostwash. Before they could question her further, the ghost faded away, free to leave this plane of existence at last.

The adventurers decided to rest before heading back to De-Shamod the next day. That afternoon, the pair of deveanian swords they had taken from a pair of sword spirits fought the previous day rose into the air and the spirits reformed to attack again. They were vanquished... again.

Day 25, Sixthmonth, Common Year 1757
Castle Mabb

The blue crystal staff they had discovered in the obsevation room held the key to descending down the stairs to the final level. Down there they found a large chamber with a huge reptilian creature that took offense to their presence and attacked. Telvsdawn did the most damage to the creature, and consequently it attacked the totem warrior the most in retaliation. He was barely holding on to his consciousness when he struck the final blow to slay the beast.

In one chamber they found a magical crystal ball, that also happened to be trapped and caused a fireburst to strike Telvsdawn when it went off. Another passage revealed how they creature had gained entry. They were near the base of the island in the giant gassar tree in which the castle was built. Part of the earth had given way exposing a corner of a chamber and allowing enterance to the creature. Who only knows what other treasures were located in the area that had been looted through this other entry way.

Badly wounded, they decided again to rest the night before heading back. Telvsdawn took the pair of deveanian longswords and placed them into the glass prison. When the sword spirits reformed that afternoon, they could get out – whatever kept the ghost in there was no longer active. However, their swords, being corpreal, could not be taken out!
That was a very frustrated pair of spirits! Without the swords they could not harm the adventurers. All they could do was make the night miserable for them by banging on the sides of the glass prison with their swords, and wafting around and passing through the adventurers which gave them a chill every time it happened.

Day 26, Sixthmonth, Common Year 1757
Floating Forest

Eager to be away from the Castle, they left at dawn, pausing only for Drahlnock to cast an enchantment to seal the place, and were soon deep into the floating forest.

Day 27, Sixthmonth, Common Year 1757
Floating Forest

Around midday the four adventurers finally reach the place they left Drahlnocks wagon. The mojh was dismayed to discover it had been ransacked, though luckily everything of value was in the pack on his back.
Telvsdawn scouted out the tracks and found an encampment nearby, but fled when their sentry fired an arrow at him.
Rather than face them, they left, heading out of the forest.

The foes made better time not being slowed down by a wagon and soon ambushed them near the edge of the forest.

Telvsdawn caught sight of them first, but they acted before any of the others could. First was a heavy crossbow bolt fired by a giant with a vengeful smile on his face as the poisoned bolt slammed into Drahlnock. This was followed by an arrow fire by a sibeccai. Charging out behind a tree was another giant, this one carrying a greataxe. And finally a sprite appeared into view as it threw a sorcerous blast at the adventurers.
The next few rounds were spent healing Drahlnock back up after it kept getting hit back down by more sorcerous blasts and arrows. The mojh threw firebust spells at the sprite magister forcing it to retreat.
Eventually Telvsdawn slaughtered the giant with the greataxe, and the assassins decided to flee rather than press the battle.

Wounded, the adventurers pushed on late into the day before they made a wary camp.

Day 2, Seventhmonth, Common Year 1757

Finally reaching De-Shamod, they were dismayed to learn that Liam had been slain. The innkeep where Liam could be found clearly wanted nothing to do with the adventurers, and would tell them nothing. They moved to another inn nearby where the had stayed before and sat down to discuss what to do next.

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