Ebonring 15 – Treachery

A new campaign using Monte Cook's varient Arcana Unearthed rules. The heroes follow a quest through the forest into the mountains and out onto the plains.

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Ebonring 15 – Treachery

Post by Sieobahn » Sun Oct 31, 2004 10:18 pm

Day 18, Seventhmonth, Common Year 1757 .
Dramojh Stronghold

Resting in the basement of the ancient manour house, Drahlnock was keeping watch along with Zera when it heard a noise, sounding like chanting. It checked outside and could see no sign of anyone. Zera placed a run on the door as an added layer of protection. Unfortunately that didn't stop the creature that appeared and started attacking with its savage claws. It returned to the ethereal plane before they could kill it. But it must have returned on the outside and kicked the door in anger which of course set off the rune.

Checking outside, Telvsdawn could hear signs of battle and the distant glow of flames. The cause could soon be seen. A magister was retreating towards the manor they were inside, throwing spells at the enraged rhodin chasing him.
Stopping outside the manor, it threw its hood back to reveal the features of a mojh. It glanced up at the watchers and ran into the entrance.
The others decided it was time to retreat. They ran down to the tunnel leading underground, only to find it blocked!
Telvsdawn fled upstairs, but Drahlnock cast a force beam spell which smashed it open, revealing only a relatively thin wall blocking the entrance to the tunnel. They ran down for the dubious sanctuary of the dramojh complex, hiding inside a secret passage they had found earlier.

Telvsdawn fled the building, hiding nearby where he could keep watch.

Day 19, Seventhmonth, Common Year 1757 .
Dramojh Stronghold

From his lookout position, Telvsdawn watched a stead stream of rhodin enter, but that soon slowed as injured and dead rhodin limped or her dragged out. It seems they had even less luck with the numerous traps in there.

The totem warrior was forced to slaughtered four rhodin who searched his building. He managed to do this before they could warn others of his presence, but immediately relocated to another building.

Meanwhile, inside the dramojh complex, Drahlnock decided to turn itself and Slayer invisible and sneak out. The others followed in a more mundane fashion. They found plenty of evidence of the rhodin running afoul of the traps, and even ran into a few that Drahlnock lured towards them as it escaped.

They didn't get far before they were spotted and soon a running battle formed as they tried to get out. But ennteredin the tunnel hewn by the umberhulk, they encountered a pair of skurg. Luckily the tunnel was narrow enough that only one could attack at a time, and they soon managed to beat the creatures down. They then fled, not even stopping to engage the rhodin in the manor basement, though Zera dropped a rune of conjuring to summon a bear to tear into the rhodin.

Then they were outside and running. Amazingly enough all together again, most surprised that each other managed to survive the attack. Finding another ruin they holed up and rested.

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