Ebonring 17 – Prisoners

A new campaign using Monte Cook's varient Arcana Unearthed rules. The heroes follow a quest through the forest into the mountains and out onto the plains.

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Ebonring 17 – Prisoners

Post by Sieobahn » Sun Nov 07, 2004 6:35 pm

Day 21, Seventhmonth, Common Year 1757 .
Dramojh Stronghold

Reduced to four adventurers, they made their way down to the next level.

Passing by another stone statue of a dramojh, they were surprised when it attacked! Slayer was hit first, the stone claws of the creature striking hard. It was finally shattered by a forcebeam from Drahlnock.

Searching in the sludge in what was intended to be a pool, Slayer found a skull, but when she held it up making it seem to talk with her hand, it twisted around with glowing red eyes and bit her on the muzzle! With a shout she flung it against the wall, but it bounced off and just hung there in the air. It's jaws opened and gas billowed out from it, enveloping Slayer. The gas was cold and sucked at her life, but she managed to resist.
Then the rest joined the battle, all trying to smash the skull to pieces. It's small size made it difficult, but they soon prevailed.

Tired and wounded, they retreated back upstairs to rest.

Day 22, Seventhmonth, Common Year 1757 .
Dramojh Stronghold

Returning back down to the next level, they chose a new direction to start searching.

Finding what may have been a temple, they were attacked by a spectre which they soon destroyed.
Then an interesting looking box, but were disappointed to find it empty. Maybe that mojh had already cleaned it out.

Behind a locked steal door they were startled to find a naked sibeccai and spryte. They looked starved and were overjoyed at the appearance of the adventurers. The sibeccai gave his name as Melderon, a mageblade and magister. The spryte was called Karn and was a runethane. They told of arriving a few weeks back and finding the passageway down. They didn't get to far, falling down one of the many pit traps and nearly dying before being captured and thrown in this room by the mojh. Since the they have been given barely enough food to survive, and the room was somehow protected so their magic was useless.

The next room was of great interest to the newcomers, as it contained all their gear. Unfortunately it was trapped and Karn was thrown across the room by the force of the blast. The traps also destroyed some of their gear. Karn was forced to wear Zera's clothes, which fitted quite poorly – they were very loose in the chest. At least their weapons were intact, and they were soon armed and armoured, feeling much better.

Now numbering six, they continued on. They found another of those enigmatic humming spheres, but after their last encounter, wisely decided to leave it alone.

Then the corridor was sheathed in a relective coating. The dim light from the sphere reflected around, refracted in a hypnotic pattern. First Slayer, then Na-Filaris, followed by Karn and Drahlnock were enraptured by the display. Fortunately Do-Loren and Melderon closed their eyes and were able to drag them back. This time they went down blindfolded.

The next room they checked had a battleaxe hanging from the roof via a chain. The blade was coated with blood, with a small pool under it on the ground. Melderon unhooked the axe and tried to flick the blood off, but it soon dripping with blood again. The sibeccai decided to carry it along.

The next room contained a roiling greed cloud of gas. It rolled out over everyone, draining several of life as they fled into the rooms and locked the doors. Unfortunately the cloud was now between them and the exit. The ended up charging through the cloud and used a spell to push it into a room where they could lock it in.

Trying to open the next door, Melderon nearly died when he set off a trap. Even then it took a few spells to get the door open. And then even more spells to open the next door. As that door opened, the first slammed shut behind them of its own volition. They seemed to be in a dead end and all they found was a pair of crystal flasks, each about a foot hight. Hoping they would be safe in there, they decided to rest.

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