Ebonring 18 – More Death

A new campaign using Monte Cook's varient Arcana Unearthed rules. The heroes follow a quest through the forest into the mountains and out onto the plains.

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Ebonring 18 – More Death

Post by Sieobahn » Tue Dec 14, 2004 9:10 pm

Day 23, Seventhmonth, Common Year 1757 .
Dramojh Stronghold

After an uneventful nights rest, the group attempted to leave, which took a few more spells (including healing ones after the trap was set off again).

To the north they found what looked like the mojh's quarters, of course it was not there. They found nothing of value, though the chests were trapped.

A series of statues had everyone paranoid in another chamber, wondering what the hidden meaning was. Nothing appeared to happen, for good or ill when they moved past.

But then they were attacked by a trio of spectre's. Drahlnock stepped forward to the fight, but when struck several times, and already weak from other attacks, the spectre drained the life from the mojh and he died. Just as the others finished destroying the other spectres, Drahlnocks body moved. It was now a spectre! The heroes were forced to destroy the remains of their former comrade.

The group was reinforced when they found a sibeccai named Zanalithis, a greenbond captured by the mojh.

A huge area was was filled with a ravening energy field. Out of it attacked a pair of slaad, but they were easily destroyed by a bolt of blasting from Karn.

The found more stairs leading down, but decided to continue searching the area before heading down. This proved not to be a wise decision when they encountered a xorn that swallowed Karn in a single bite. They were only able to flee when it paused to eat a gem thrown at it.

From there they decided to rest a night before going any further.

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