Ebonring 19 – Ambushed

A new campaign using Monte Cook's varient Arcana Unearthed rules. The heroes follow a quest through the forest into the mountains and out onto the plains.

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Ebonring 19 – Ambushed

Post by Sieobahn » Tue Dec 14, 2004 9:11 pm

Day 24, Seventhmonth, Common Year 1757 .
Dramojh Stronghold

Heading down the stairs, they descended deep into the earth, and they suspected out underneath the lake. The stairs finally stopped at a ledge halfway up a large cavern. While debating how to cross it, the mojh attacked.

Sorcerous blast after sorcerous blast slammed at the heroes, their puny attacks seemed to have no effect on the defensive spells of the magister. Zanalithis and Na-Filaris nearly died in the onslaught. Melderon dove over the edge and hid in the bottom of the cavern out sight below. Do-Loren heroically hauled his comrades out of the range of the mojh's attacks.
Sometime later the fight was over with the adventurers fled or in hiding, and the mojh gone. Down on the cavern floor Melderon found evidence of an earlier battle with the mojh, an unconsious human. He was able to bring him back from the brink of death to be revealed as Maverik, a champion of death. The two quietly fled upstairs to rejoin the others.

Day 25, Seventhmonth, Common Year 1757 .
Dramojh Stronghold

It was a nervous nights rest, fearing that at any time the mojh would be back to finish them off. The decided against going downstairs right away, but further explored the area.

After a few protective spells they risked the cavern flooded with energy. On the other side they encountered some skeletons chained to the wall. Unable to move, they attacked by spitting out their teeth. They were easily destroyed, but another, armed with a greatsword was a little more troublesome.

In another room had a giant press they learned to operate, luckily not be being caught in it.

Day 26, Seventhmonth, Common Year 1757 .
Dramojh Stronghold

Fully rested, the jouneyed down the stairs again ready to face the mojh. The burst out on the landing spells already cast and prepared for battle. Only to find no mojh. With the spells they had cast they easily cross the cavern and were down another series if stairs. And then they stopped. Another cavern, and another gap to be crossed.

And of course, another ambush by the mojh. Do-Loren was particularly susceptible to the mojh's spells. Dominated, he pulled the rope tied to Slayer as she nearly crossed the gap, swinging her down where she slammed cruelly against the wall. He then fled the fight. The other adventurers beat through the mojh's defenses sooner this time, and he fled the battle.

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