Guildport 29 – The Lower Level

Trevor's custom campaign setting combining fantasy and modern elements.
2nd Edition AD&D campaign.
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Guildport 29 – The Lower Level

Post by Sieobahn » Sun Jun 12, 2005 9:45 pm

It is hard to get rest around here. Hazard brought some more people through the portal, including a bard called Nova Longstride with an inflated opinion of himself. He plays the pan pipes, and can make some quite catchy tunes, but has little sense of the appropriate.

Before we could rest we had more visitors, two holes in the floor to the level below gave them access, and a battle was in full swing. I summoned a number of celestial bison, and the made short work of the invaders. But when reinforcements arrived in the form of a pair of beholders. Their anti-magic eyes caused my summoned creatures to disappear, while they attacked with their eye rays. These eye tyrants only bore six eyes each, had they lost the other in battle, or are these different to the creatures I had learned of in the past? After savaging us, they descended from view.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity, and tossed in a phosphorous grenade after them. I knew that was a mistake when it floated back up to land nearby. Suunai was quick enough to roll a body over the grenade so no one was hurt.

A LAW fired down the shaft did the trick, the reverse gravity field was not strong enough to throw it back, and judging by the screams I hurt a few with the blast. Some more Azcan floated up the other shaft before I could fire down there, but my summoned critters took care of them. Then I fired a blast down there to take care of them.

The fight over, we placed some doors over the shafts and positioned guards to sound the alarm should be be attacked. I cast a rope trick spell and Suunai and I retired inside for a peaceful nights rest.

The next morning I cast one of the new spells I had been working on. I sent an arcane eye down the shaft to explore and determine what defences are down there. And when the spell was cancelled, I had a good idea where the beholders laired.

After turning invisible, I floated down with the bard on my back. On the bottom he tried to confuse some of the guards, while I fireballed another bunch. Some survived the first fireball, but a second took them down. Meanwhile Suunai brought down a pillar of holy fire on another group of them.

I then summoned some lions and sent them out to hunt, and blocked a passageway with a web spell while we went in the other direction. I encountered one of the beholders, it disintegrated one of my creatures, and paralysed the other, so I dismissed the spell and fired a rocket at it, blowing the eye tyrant into tiny pieces. I moved forward and fired another rocket at the second beholder. It didn't kill this one in a single blast this time. The last thing I remember is being hit by a green ray, then intense pain.

The next thing I saw was a beautiful sight. Heilyn was leaning over me looking concerned. The spells in my armour teleported my body back to the tower when I had died from the beholder's attack. Luckily for me they considered my service valuable enough to bring me back to life.

Heilyn was distressed over my death, as I would have been, if I was alive at the time. I presented her with that silk dress I had found, but she was still unhappy.

I wonder how the others fared after my death?

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