Diary of Solanna, part 4

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Diary of Solanna, part 4

Post by Bane » Wed Feb 15, 2006 8:43 pm

That was an ordeal. I was just raised from the dead after falling in battle against an incredibly strong demon. I’ll start at the beginning. After preparing enough air walk spells for the party, we ascended up and over the river of boiling lava. Luckily there were no fumes and little of the heat that lava normally gives off. We made our way to the south, past where we met the celestial earlier, and found a basilisk nest. Descending on it, we rained it with attacks, and I healed the grievous wounds it inflicted. As soon as it had fallen, we saw movement in the nest nearby, and the ill tempered sorcerer, Aust, threw off a fireball. Inspecting the nest we found the body of a hound archon. The fool had killed a very powerful potential ally! ..... so I slapped him around the head. Seconds later, a group of much more powerful archons came through a nearby door and demanded that the sorcerer make his penance by slaying some demons to the north. These fiends were apparently making a nuisance of themselves by attacking the force wall which holds a powerful demon. The rest of us agreed to help slay the demons, though I would have done so gladly without the angels demanding it of the sorcerer. Without wasting any time, we walked up and over the lava and toward the center island.

We quickly found a host of lesser demons led by a large female demon with six arms and a serpentine body. At the time I couldn’t remember what it was called, but now I think about it I remember it was a Maralith, one of the most powerful demons. They were beating on the force wall of the cocoon. I yelled at them to cease, and we attacked. I don’t remember much after that, except that I ran down and summoned holy rain over the Maralith. She didn’t seem to like it much, and slashed at me with her swords, I blacked out.

I awoke in a room with the dwarf that had recently joined us, Branan, three hound archons, and another three hound archon statues. We learned that our group had fought against and injured the Maralith, at the cost of the lives of the dwarf, Brannan, the sorcerer and myself. After the Maralith had slain Aust, the celestials decided he had paid for his crime and had come to our aid, slaying the Maralith. We had then been raised by the celestials in gratitude for aiding them (except for the sorcerer, who remained dead). We decided to find the others, and we did so just a short distance away, they were trying to rest next to the basilisk nest. Deciding to explore a little more, we opened a door to the south, finding it trapped. The dwarf decided it would be better if the trap was destroyed, and began hacking at it. The celestials that used the trap for protection didn’t like that much, and told us to go away.

Deciding to rest, we came back to the room with the hound archons, but they weren’t very happy about us sleeping in there, until I offered to restore the petrified archons to life once I get up tomorrow morning. Hopefully that will make them friendlier toward us. Then we can create a partnership that will be beneficial to all of us.

Praise Pelor

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