Why the evoker.net domain name?

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Why the evoker.net domain name?

Post by Sieobahn » Sun Dec 22, 2002 9:31 am

Getting a domain name is hard these days. I registered this name over two years ago, and had a lot of trouble deciding what to choose.

I tried a few combinations of my first name, but they were all taken, and I didn't want to use my last name. So I turned to D&D for inspiration.

Mages are my favourite character class to play, so I started with that. I mush have gone through a dozen different ideas before I found evoker.net free. The .com name was already taken, but using a .net domain didn't worry me. It is not going to be used widely (though numerous spammers seem to have latched onto it!).

So I ended up with evoker.net. In D&D Evokers are wizards that specialise in Evocation/Invocation magic, spells that call forth energy such as lightning bolts and fireballs. :twisted:

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