What do you get when you add M&M's to coke?

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What do you get when you add M&M's to coke?

Post by Sieobahn » Fri Jul 11, 2003 7:34 am

At last weeks's session of Dungeons and Dragons, the guy running the game had to go home and get the book he had forgotten. Giving into my evil impulses I dropped two M&M's into his (already opened) bottle of vanilla diet coke and screwed the lid back down.

When he returned about 10 minutes and unscrewed the lid, coke spewed out everywhere!

It was over his papers, the big maps, the DM, and a huge puddle on the floor. While the rest of us laughed our heads off, he cleaned up the mess, even going downstairs for the mop to clean it up off the floor.

After it was all cleaned up, I came clean and let him know what happened. Well, actually he saw the M&M's in the bottle and accused me. :D

Maybe that is why one of my characters was slain early on, and the other was only a few points away from dying as well. (I was playing two characters as one of the other players didn't turn up). ;)

So remember, if you are going to add M&M's (or malteasers) to softdrink, leave the cap off! ;)

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