Spider Queen 25 - The Temple Falls

The heroes brave the underdark to fight the evil minions of Lloth and another drow goddess in this six month Forgotten Realms Campaign.

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Spider Queen 25 - The Temple Falls

Post by Sieobahn » Sat Feb 07, 2004 8:35 pm

Adventure Day 76
16 Mirtul, 1373DR

Back in the arena they encountered a pair of battered adventurers. After a tense stand off they lowered their weapons and started talking. The pair introduced themselves as Maya and Arielle, both clerics. They were part of a large band descending to find the source of magic disruption in the area. Unfortunately they encountered an army of undead on the way and this pair were the only survivors. Even with their vaunted powers having tens of thousands of undead were too much.

Adventure Day 77
17 Mirtul, 1373DR

Fully rested and healed, ready to face the temple again, the six heroes moved out. The crept to the foot of the castle, and then decided to chance teleporting directly to temple rather than go through the castle again. To their amazement, the spell worked. Unfortunately there appeared to be no way to get into the castle time. Searching revealed no entrance.

Then the sentient temple dominated Death Stalker. He attacked Jillian, and was soon held by Grumlor. Then Yoshimo was dominated and he attacked Jillian as well. Maya just beat her unconscious with her staff, then tried a greater dispelling on the pair. That failed to remove the domination, but did remove Grumlor's hold spell. So Maya promptly beat Death Stalker unconscious as well. In the mean time the spells rained down on the group from the temple including horrid wilting and several destruction spells, fortunately they survived these attacks.
They stowed the two warriors in bags of holding and continued on. Grumlor tried an earthquake spell, and while the whole cavern shook and rocks pummelled them, the temple stood firm.

Maya moved the entire group to the ethereal plane, and they drifted up past the orb and into the temple. On the sixth level Jillian triggered a trap sending a prismatic spray cascading over the party, and turning Jillian to stone. Once she was made flesh again, they entered to find a room with a tight lattice of bones instead of walls, ceiling and floor. In a throne made of bones sat a drow woman. Maya was able to see through these illusions to see the lich beneath them. But that didn't stop him from throwing another prismatic spray and a cone of cold across the room. This time Arielle was turned to stone, unfortunately they group had no spells left to return her to flesh, so they stuffed her into a portable hole for safekeeping.

Two levels up the opened a door to find a statue of a four armed drow. Maya stepped up to it, only to have it animate and start pounding her. The others threw some spells at it to no effect, but eventually Maya destroyed it with heavy blows from her staff.

Finally they emerged at the top of the tower in the Greater Temple. Facing them was Irae T'sarran and a balor. Irae started the battle by imploding Jillian, with the balor following with a firestorm spell. Maya waded into the battle with her staff, followed by Grumlor throwing a blade barrier into the fray. Irae and the balor managed to avoid it, but the combination of Death Stalkers throwing axes and Maya's quarterstaff had her down, and she was in melee with the balor. Hacking twice into the clerics body, the demon's third sweep of his cruel blade severed the head from her body. It victory was short lived as they soon vanquished it. Unfortunately its death throes caused a blast that further hurt everyone in the room and slew Grumlor. Fortunately Maya had some scrolls to bring Jillian and Grumlor back to life.

The surviving heroes tried a variety of tactic to destroy the orb. Finally after a nights rest and a newly fleshed Arielle, they channelled enough positive energy into the orb to destroy it. The whole temple groaned and started shaking, but the heroes managed to teleport out before the temple collapsed upon them.

On the surface they quickly hopped to Battledale, which lived up to it's name as they emerged in the middle of a battle between the undead army of drow, fire giants, and an assortment of others, and the human, elven and dwarven defenders of the dale.
Using the claw of the revenancer, they were able to command the revenants to attack the other undead, and to release the survivors from their undeath. Yoshimo was finally able to recover his ancestral swords and most of his equipment from the giant who carried them.

Many of the dales lay dead, and there was a sombre celebration that night to thank the heroes for their help. Before long their names were immortalised by the bards for their heroic battle against the drow and their goddess of death.

And there, this tale ends...

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